About me

I’m an “educator” by day and a mommy, bargain hunter, chef, financial manager, and maid, among other things, in between!

I am a mother of two sweet kids and I’ve been married to my husband for almost ten years now. After my first child was born almost eight years ago, I quickly learned that having a baby changes everything and I started playing the coupon game to help cut our expenses.  I learned the ropes about “extreme couponing” about three years ago and started this blog as a way to help my friends and family save money, too.  I guess you could say that couponing has become a bit of a “hobby” for  me, although my husband refers to it as an “obsession.”  I will admit that being able to get things for free or close to free is definitely addicting!

When I’m not working, chasing after my kids, or couponing, I also love reading a good book!

Our motto around here is “Where Every Penny Counts” and my goal is to help you spend less on the things that you want and need!


If you have a question or would like to contact me, you can e-mail me at:  melissasbargains@gmail.com