Low Carb Menu Plan for Families!


We survived our first three weeks on a low carb menu and I feel like we are really getting the hang of this!  My success story for the past week was when my kids asked if they would be able to trade in their Halloween candy for an Atkins treat!  I have discovered that the key is to involve your kids in the menu planning and to choose some of their favorites.  Here’s this week’s  Low Carb Menu Plan for Families.

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Low Carb Menu Plan for Families


SUNDAY:  Low Carb Pizza – One of the things my kids LOVE is pizza.  I discovered a low carb pizza dough recipe that has been an absolute LIFESAVER for us!  I tried a different low carb pizza dough recipe a few weeks ago and while we enjoyed it, I feel like the almond flour in this recipe really made it seem more dough like.

Image Credit: Beauty and the Foodie

Image Credit: Beauty and the Foodie

MONDAY:  Paleo and Low Carb Southern Chicken Fried Steak – So I TOTALLY found a recipe for chicken fried steak that’s low carb thanks to Beauty and the Foodie.  I totally cannot wait to try it and it’s only 3 net carbs!  I’ll be making some cauliflower mashed potatoes to go with it!

TUESDAY:  Taco Tuesday – It’s Taco Tuesday, and it’s also a super busy night with football and swim practices.  We make it easy by buying pre-cooked fajita meat and low carb tortillas!


Image Credit: Low Carbing with Jennifer Eloff

WEDNESDAY:  Marinara Meatloaf Patties – Since we’ve been doing low carb I have probably been most disappointed in meatball and meatloaf recipes.  They seem excessively greasy because there are no “fillers” which apparently help to cut the grease.  I saw this meatloaf recipe from Splendid Low Carbing by Jennifer Eloff and decided to check it out.  I’ll keep you posted.

THURSDAY:  Grilled sausage and sauerkraut – Thursday is another busy night for us, so we’re keeping it simple!

FRIDAY:  Buffalo Chicken Dip – My daughter is having a Halloween party and one of the things we’ll be serving is my mother in law’s buffalo chicken dip recipe which is low carb – yay!  I’ll share the recipe soon!


SATURDAY:  Fondue – It’s Halloween, and our tradition is to have fondue.  I’m hoping to figure out how to substitute regular flour when making the roux to pull it off as low carb!

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