Join Pinecone Research!

I belong to a lot of different survey/research panel companies, but Pinecone Research is my absolute favorite. The only way that you can “sign on” with them is if you find an active banner link or when they have open hiring periods for certain demographics.

They pay $3 per survey (it used to be $5, but $3 isn’t bad), and they also have product tests. You can choose payment via Paypal or a check.

I love working with them! The surveys are quick and easy to do and the product tests are fun. They are definitely my favorite survey company.

Sign up quick….the banner links never stay active for long!


  1. I think I already missed it. I didn’t see anywhere to sign up. Let me know again next time though!

  2. Kendall and Lee'sa says:

    I think I missed it too, but if you see it again please post.
    Thanks again for helping us save!