It’s Redbox Wednesday – get your free movie code!

I love that Walgreens has the Redbox machines right there. As I was out making my trips this morning (I’ll post about that later today), I was able to get Marley & Me for our family to watch tonight for FREE!

Today’s free movie code is: MMM401. You can use the code once per card (so technically, you can get more than one if you have the time to watch more than one in one night!)

On Mondays and Wednesdays (through this week), they have promotional codes for free movies.

Sign up to have the Monday code texted to your phone here. You can find the Wednesday codes here on their blog.

If you are new to using Redbox, Dealseeking Mom has a great tutorial here.

Enjoy your free movie!


  1. how do you get the code to work? everytime I go and try to use a free code, it only exempts the tax!

  2. Melissa says:

    I’ve never had any problems using the codes and I went onto their website to see if there are exclusions for the free codes in some areas and didn’t see anything about that. You can try to contact them to find out why that might be happening. Here’s the contact link: