Take Your Art Into the Next Dimension with Cricut!

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The new Cricut Explore machine is a PERFECT gift for friends and family who are artistic!  Now, you can take your art into the next dimension with Cricut!  It started out as a doodle, something small, casually tossed in the margin of your grocery list. Somehow, this graphic element took over and before you knew it, it became the decorative element to everything in your world. Unfortunately all those minute details that you added make it virtually impossible to transform it into the third dimension. Not anymore!  If you can print it, you can CUT it thanks to the new Cricut Explore machine!

Now with the newest feature of the Cricut Explore machine, you can choose your image (either your own or one of 50,000+ in the Cricut Design Lab), flatten the image and then click ‘Go’. Once printed, the Cricut Explore machine works its magic to bring your 2-dimensional idea into the 3rd dimension.

Take a look at this super short instructional video (less than 4 minutes) and see just how easy it can be:

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