Savings Saturday: Target run and late night CVS/Walgreens run

Before my son’s swim lessons yesterday, we stopped off at Target and did four separate transactions. My daughter is 5 and learning about money, so she loves using her coupons and money to help “pay” for things.

Here’s what we got: 8 jars of Ragu (used .75/2 Target IP and $1/2 manufacturer’s coupon), 2 bags of Chef Michael’s dog food (used $2.50 IP and $1.50/1 Target IP), Bounty Basic (used .25/1 manufacturer’s coupon), 8 cheese sticks, 1 Bausch&Lomb ReNu contact solution (used $2.50/1 coupon from a box), 2 bags of egg noodles, 1 box of lasagne noodles, and one box of macaroni noodles (used FREE pasta WYB 2 Ragu coupons). Total OOP was $5.16.

(We also bought the Hungry Hungry Hippos game/Pepsi/Doritos and the Cranium Counting Ducks preschool game, but the games aren’t pictured because I put them away for Christmas and the Doritos and Pepsi aren’t pictured because my husband got his hands on them right away!)

I decided to make a late night/early morning CVS and Walgreens run. I’m fortunate to have two CVS stores and two Walgreens stores within about 5-10 minutes of my house that are open 24 hours.

I started out at CVS and bought the 4 Tide, 1 Dawn, and 1 Vaseline lotion. I paid $0 OOP (used a gift card from filling a prescription, a $1.50 Vaseline coupon, 4 $1 Tide coupons, a $1 Dawn coupon, a $5/25 CVS coupon, and $16 in ECBs to pay) and earned a $10 and $6 ECB.

Then, I moved to Walgreens. I honestly do not know how many transactions I did at each store, but I did a total of 23 transactions between the two, spent $5.21 out of pocket (I haven’t shopped at Walgreens in a LONG time and had no RR to start with), saved $130.65 and have $16 in RR left to spend. I will probably do the Herbal Essence deal a few more times this week and I’d like to get more toothbrushes when the RR start printing.