Christmas Gifts on a Budget: fully loaded teacher tote bag!

I’ve worked in education for 13 years now and I think most parent’s would be surprised to know that most teachers would REALLY love school supplies as a teacher gift!  I know it sounds crazy, but they pay for many “supply” items out of their own pocket and they go through them very quickly!  Right now, school supplies are on clearance for up to 75% off at many stores, so it’s a great time to stock up on school supplies for teacher gifts!

Here’s a list of some school supply items that teachers would love to have:

  • Antibacterial gel
  • Band Aids (this is not a “school supply” item, but if you’re buying for an elementary school teacher, you’d be surprised how much they need these!)
  • Dry erase markers (they always, always, always need these!)
  • Paperclips
  • Pens (red and black especially)
  • Stickers/stamps
  • Sticky notes

For a more “personal” touch, you can grab one of these free tote bags from Vistaprint and personalize it and fill it with all these items!  The bag is FREE, but you do have to pay $4.41 for shipping, which is still a great deal!

You can grab personalized sticky notes for free, too!

Here’s the breakdown on how to grab this deal:

1.  Visit Vistaprint here and click on the free tote bag offer (lower left hand corner)–>Vistaprint free tote bag

If you want the sticky notes, you can choose that offer instead from the same page

2.  Choose an image (there are lots of “educational-themed” images to choose from).  You can add your personalized text in the upper left hand corner.

Please note that any “extras” you add will result in extra charges.  I have ordered from Vistaprint many times and have always had great experiences!

I plan on throwing in an Amazon gift card code that I earned for FREE from Swagbucks, too!  I think I can give my kids’ teachers a fully loaded tote bag for under $10 each if I take advantage of the school supply deals now!

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  1. I’m a teacher and can definitely agree—-school supplies are always welcome! Simple items like pencils, erasers, and even tissues are always needed. I would suggest getting a cheaper reusable tote (they have really cute ones at Target & CVS for $1.50 or less) then using the extra $3 to purchase filler items. Bravo for the gift card idea, too. Teachers love those, even if it’s just a $1 coupon to get a tea at McD’s!

  2. Stephanie I. says:

    Thanks for this idea! I just went to Vistaprint and ordered the free tote, free sticky notes, and free note pad and paid a total of $4.75! What a great, inexpensive gift this will be.

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