Blogging in the new year!

I am thinking about making some changes to my blog in the new year.

Two of my goals for the new year are to focus on saving (I’d like to have a baby emergency fund, Christmas fund, and entertainment fund and I don’t want to take money from our monthly budget to fund them) and stockpiling. I’d like to place a focus on those two things and share what I’m doing to help you.

Here’s what I’m thinking about doing in January for the daily breakdowns. Let me know what you think and what other changes you’d like to see! (or anything you’d like for me to add)

*Scenario Sunday – scenarios for saving during the week at your favorite stores including a focus on “stockpile” items for the week

*Menu Planning Monday – my menu plan for the week including budget friendly recipes

*Tip of the Day Tuesday – tips for using coupons, budgeting, and saving

*Instant Win Wednesday – instant win games

*Thrifty Thursday – tips for saving money or making the most out of your budget

*Freebie Friday – all kinds of freebies!

*Savings Saturday – ads and deals for the upcoming week as well as an update on my savings for the week

I’ve also thought about changing the name of my blog to something more “catchy” but I’m completely lacking in the creativity department. If you think I should change my blog name for the New Year, and you have ideas, share them here!

Have a great week!


  1. I like the new ideas for each day…as far as the title though, I like it as is just fine. If I think of something better I’ll let you know though :-)!