Bargains gone wrong: Weekly Cinema and Toys ‘R Us

A few weeks ago, I posted about a Weekly Cinema offer through Groupon and then Buy With Me where you could get 4 movie tickets for $20.  When I post deals, I am very careful about what I post and they are usually deals that I have already tried myself or that I have investigated and plan to try myself.  I bought 8 movie tickets from Groupon and 8 from Buy with Me through these promotions.  I redeemed four of the tickets without any problems.

I was looking forward to taking my kids to see Megamind this weekend and Tangled in a few weeks and was very disappointed when I logged into the site today to redeem tickets and saw this message:

Thank you for visiting Weekly Cinema.

The future of Weekly Cinema is under review. While this review is being performed, we are not able to process or redeem movie ticket coupons. We are working with our deal site partners to achieve a refund for the unused movie tickets and promo codes in your Weekly Cinema account in an amount not to exceed the price you paid for each of the unused movie ticket coupons.

A Hotline phone number to provide additional information about Weekly Cinema is being set up. Please provide your Weekly Cinema email in the box below if you would like us to email you when an update is available.
Otherwise, check the site later today for further updates. 

I am VERY disappointed.  I have taken advantage of several Groupon offers in the past and never had any issues.  For those of you who may have taken advantage of this promotion through a post from my blog or Facebook page, I am very sorry.  As I mentioned before, I checked this offer out beforehand and took advantage of it myself.  It was a legit offer gone wrong and I hope that it works out OK in the end for all of us.

Between working full time and juggling the activities of my two children, I don’t have a lot of time for shopping during the week and so I usually do all of my shopping on the weekend.  I was looking forward to going to Toy’s R Us this weekend to take advantage of the “Spend $35 on Hasbro games, get a $10 gift card” promotion that is advertised in their weekly ad.  Apparently, because the ad states “while supplies last, limited quantities” most stores are no longer honoring this promotion.  Again, a big disappointment!

I’m hoping that Black Friday deals come off smoothly and that this isn’t a sign of things to come!!

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  1. Groupon provides a guarantee for all their deals. They will provide you with a refund if you ask for it.

  2. I just recieved an e-mail saying that Groupon is refunding our money!