Zumbox: Get your mail online + win awesome prizes (cash, gift cards, iPads + more!)

Zumbox Giveaway

Does your mail pile up on your desk or counter tops? Wouldn’t it be great to eliminate all that paperwork and have everything all in one place that you can organize and access from anywhere? With Zumbox you can!

What is Zumbox?

It’s a digital mailbox that lets you receive, manage, and store your mail in one place online.  It’s secure and FREE!  I signed up and from what I can tell, it looks like this mainly applies to things such as your bank statements and utility bills (cell phone, home phone, cable, etc.).  You can continue to receive paper copies at your home as well if you choose, but for me, that kind of defeats the purpose!

What are the benefits?

-Receive, manage, and store your mail digitally in one place!

-Access your mail from anywhere at any time!

-Reduce paper waste and minimize clutter

PLUS, when you sign up for Zumbox, you will automatically be entered to win a number of prizes including $1,000,000 CASH, Nissan Leafs, Apple iPads, Amazon gift cards, laptops and more!  I can’t wait to get my verification code in the mail to find out if I won anything!

Simplify your life and reduce clutter TODAY by signing up for Zumbox here!  Let me know what you think!

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