Randalls (or Safeway depending on your area) hot deals on frozen items!

If you have a grocery store that is part of the “Safeway” family of stores (Randalls/Tom Thumb/Dominick’s/Genuardi’s/Carrs/Vons/Pavilions), they are having a great promotion this month called the “Chill Out at Home” promotion. The way it works is that you spend $25 on selected frozen foods, and you get a $10 catalina back that is good on your next purchase. You can use the $10 catalina to “roll” into the promotion again (so you spend $15 or less depending on your coupons the next time around). The list of participating items is HUGE! You can check out the entire list here. If you haven’t already, check out my blog post here to see how much fun I’ve had already with this promotion!

Here are the prices for some of the items (YMMV on prices based on where you are located). I went to the grocery store and scoped out prices and participating items before I made my trip so that I could plan out scenarios. (this is NOT all of the items on the list – it is just some of the items I was pricing)

Bird’s Eye Voila frozen meal kits – $3.99 (If you got Madagascar and saved your receipt, you can get a $5 MIR if you buy two of these!)

$1 printable coupon here

Cheese Texas Toast – $2.50
.75/1 New York Texas Toast – 3-1-09 RP

Digiorno Pizza – $5.99
$1/1 Digiorno Ultimate Pizzeria Style Pizza, Any – 02-01-09 SS

Dreyer’s ice cream – $2.99

Eating Right frozen dinners – $2/each (5/$10)

Eggo (10 ct) – $1.79

Freschetta Pizza – $4.49
$1/1 Freschetta Pizza Products, any – 03-01-09 SS
$1/1 Freschetta Pizzamore Pizza, Any – 01-04-09 SS
.75/1 Freschetta Pizza, Any – 02-08-09 SS

Healthy Choice frozen dinners – 4/$10 or 5/$10 depending on the meal/size
Buy 5, get one free Healthy Choice Frozen Meals, Any – 02-08-09 SS – valid up to $3.00
$1/2 Healthy Choice All Natural Or Complete Selections, Any – 02-08-09 SS

Hot Pockets/Lean Pockets – $1.99
$2/5 Lean Pockets Brand Sandwiches, Any – 02-01-09 SS
*catalinas printed out each time I bought them for $1/3 or $1/4

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel – $2.50
.35/1 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Pastries, Any – 02-08-09 GM
.35/1 printable on coupons.com (see the link on the right sidebar)

Safeway hashbrown potatoes – $1.99 (this includes the tator tots, french fries, etc. as well)

Skinny Cow ice cream treats – $3.99
$1/1 Skinny Cow frozen snacks multipacks, 4-count or larger – All You, January 23, 2009 (issue 1)

Tai Pei entrees – $2.50
.50/1 Tai Pei Frozen Entree Or Appetizer Up To 14.2 Oz. – 01-25-09 SS
$1/2 Tai Pei Frozen Entree or appetizer, off any (2) – 03-01-09 RP

Tony’s pizza – $1.99

Totino’s pizza – $1.19

Check out your store’s coupon policies. At my store, they will double the face value of one “like” coupon up to .50 and triple the face value of one “like” coupon up to .39.

Fannie has a lot of information and some scenarios here on her blog. A word of caution: check the coupon policies for your area before applying these scenarios. In her area, they double multiple “like” coupons and double coupons with a higher face value.

A few other highlights from this week’s ad (again YMMV based on location):
*Rancher’s Reserve Boneless Chuck Pot Roast – $1.49/lb
*Eating Right salad blends – $.98/bag
*Strawberries (1 lb) – 2/$3 (you only have to buy one)
*Zucchini – $1/lb
*Red Roma tomatoes – $1/lb
*Broccoli – $1/lb
*Lucerne milk – $1.99/gallon

Super coupons (expire 3/3): free 2 liter Pepsi or Dr. Pepper products, .99 Lucerne butter, .99 Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats or Raisin Bran

**There was also a coupon for $30 for any NEW or transferred prescription which does not expire until 4/3/09. The following stores in my area honor competitor’s coupons: CVS, Kroger, Walgreens (they will also add an additional $2, so $32 there!)


Bath and Body Works reportedly has their $1 gift bags at 50% off (so 50 cents each). Then, you can use this coupon to get a free item.

Gap Outlet: They will be having a huge sale starting tomorrow with 60% off original prices.

Gymboree Outlet: All sweaters will be $12.99. All microfleece will be 50% off.

Huggies diapers/Pull Ups are on sale this week for $9.99/each. When you use your card, you get an instant $3 off. There are $1 and $1.50 manufacturer’s coupons out there from the inserts and home mailers and $2 Pull Ups coupons (printable, inserts, and mailers). There are also coupons that you can load onto your Kroger card for $1.50 and $1 off at Cellfire.com and Shortcuts.com. I think the cheapest way to do this is to buy 2 packages of Huggies diapers (one regular/one Supreme). Use the $1 off manufacturer’s coupons if you have them. The $1.50 and $1 will come off from Cellfire and Shortcuts. The $3 will come off instantly. If you have all the coupons, it should be $11.48 for 2 packages. If you have receipts for at least 5 packages, you can send in for the rebate from Caregivers making it $9.48 for 2 packages (or $4.74/package).

You can also get free Cottonelle toilet paper with the coupons from Cellfire and Shortcuts along with your manufacturer’s coupons and free Colgate Total toothpaste with the $1.50 Cellfire coupon and your printable $1.50 coupons.

Randalls/Safeway (depending on your area):
They have their 12 packs of Coke products on sale B2G2Free and there is a coupon in this ad for a 5th free, so it works out to be Buy 2, get 3 Free. There is also a catalina promotion (YMMV) where you get a $5 OYNO when you buy 4 Coke 12 packs. So, this is a good time to stock up 🙂

Target: the days of the free ham, cheap broccoli, and cheap biscuits will be coming to an end soon (the printable coupon will be expiring on 12/20). This week, you can get the ham steaks for an average of .02-.50 after the $2 off printable coupon, the broccoli for $.33 after the printable coupon and the biscuits for .32 each if you have the .75/3 Pillsbury manufacturer’s coupon and the $1/2 Target printable (buy 6 and use 2 of the .75/3 and 3 of the $1/2) or .57/each if you just have the Target printable. While you’re there, you can also get free batteries if your Target has the Rayovac alkaline batteries in the $1 spot. If you’re wondering what ham and biscuits you’re looking for, you can find pictures here (the battery coupon is also there).

Walgreens: The four day sale is still going on. Check out yesterday’s thread for details and scenarios.

SCENARIO SUNDAY: for the week of 12/14-12/20/08


This is the only deal I’m doing this week:

Buy 1 Contour Blood Glucose monitor – $14.99 (earn $5 ECB)
Use $30/1 coupon

Buy 2 Colgate Total toothpaste – $2.99 (earn $2 ECB/each)
Use $1.50/1 printable coupon
Use $1 CVS CRT

Buy 2 Thermacare wraps – 2/$11.98 (earn $5.99 ECB)
Use 2 $1 Thermacare coupons

Total before coupons: $32.95
Total after coupons: $11.96
Earn: $14.99 in ECBs

RANDALLS/SAFEWAY (depending on where you live)

I found this deal on Fannie’s blog:

This deal will end on 12/16/08.

Buy 5 save $5 instantly!

Safeway is currently running a sale on various cereals. Check your area for pricing. It should be cheaper than mine since our area is pretty high when it comes to food.

Use coupons from 11/9/08 RP for $1/1 these cereals below!!!! After coupon your cereal will end up costing $.29-$.49 a box!!!

This is a list of all the cereals that are in this promotion…
Kelloggs Frosted Chocolate Fudge Pop Tarts – 22 Oz $2.49
Kelloggs All Bran Cereal – 18.3 Oz$2.88
Kelloggs Raisin Bran Cereal – 20 Oz$2.29
Kelloggs Chocolate Special K Cereal – 13.4 Oz $2.99
Kelloggs Cinnamon Pecan Special K Cereal – 12.5 Oz $2.99
Kelloggs Corn Flakes Cereal – 18 Oz $2.29
Kelloggs Fruit And Yogurt Special K Cereal – 12.8 Oz $2.99
Kelloggs Smart Start Cereal – 17.5 Oz$2.88
Kelloggs Smart Start Healthy Heart Low Sugar Cereal – 15.2 Oz $2.88
Kelloggs Smart Start Maple And Brown Sugar Cereal – 15.2 Oz $2.88
Kelloggs Special K Cereal – 12 Oz $2.99
Kelloggs Special K Low Carbohydrate Cereal – 13.5 Oz $2.99
Kelloggs Special K Vanilla Almond Crisp Cereal – 14 Oz $2.99
Kelloggs Special K With Red Berries Cereal – 12 Oz $2.99
Kelloggs Apple Jacks Cereal – 12.2 Oz $2.49
Kelloggs Cocoa Rice Krispies Cereal – 16.5 Oz $2.49
Kelloggs Corn Pops Cereal – 12.5 Oz $2.49
Kelloggs Froot Loops Cereal – 12.2 Oz $2.49
Kelloggs Frosted Flakes Cereal – 14 Oz $2.29
Kelloggs Frosted Mini Wheats Cinnamon Cereal – 16 Oz $2.49
Kelloggs Honey Smacks Cereal – 15.3 Oz $2.49
Kelloggs Crispix Cereal – 12 Oz $2.29
Smart Start Strawberry Oat Bites Cereal – 14.7 Oz
Kelloggs Rice Krispies Cereal – 12 Oz $2.49
Kelloggs Frosted Mini Wheats Bite Size Cereal – 18 Oz $2.49
Kelloggs Frosted Mini Wheats Strawberry Cereal – 16.3 Oz $2.49
Kelloggs Mini Wheats Frosted Maple And Brown Sugar Cereal – 16.5 Oz $2.49
Kelloggs Smores Pop Tarts – 12-1.83 Oz $2.49
Kelloggs Strawberry Pop Tarts – 22 Oz $2.49
Kelloggs Snack Bar Rice Krispie Treat – 6.2 Oz $2.79

Print $1/1 coupons here: http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=rjnefah1098550&bt=wi&o=54148&c=KC&p=uU1wzMHO


The Glade deal goes through tomorrow (if you can still find candles at your store)

The $2 Archer Farms ham coupons is good through 12/20. The ham is no longer on sale, but you can still get it for $2-2.50 on average before coupon (so free-.50 after coupon)

Get a free Happy Baby Organic meal. Print the coupon here: http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=rjnefah1098550&bt=wi&o=54148&c=KC&p=uU1wzMHO

WALGREENS (I’m only doing this because I have RR that are going to expire)
Buy Tide – $12.99 (use $1 coupon from this week’s inserts)
Buy DeMet’s Turtles – $.99 (use $1.50/1 DeMets coupon)
Buy Butterball chicken broth – .50

Use 2 $5 RR (one from Holiday deals, one from Gatorade purchase)
Spend $1.98, get $2 RR

Buy 2 Oral B stages toothpaste – 2/$4
Use $1/2 Oral B stages coupon
use $2 RR from Tide
Spend $1, get $2 RR

Scenario Sunday: for the week of 11/16-11/22

CVS: If you don’t do any other deals this week, the Duracell batteries deal is DEFINITELY worth it! Stock up now for the holidays or for your emergency stockpile.

Here are my scenarios for the week:

Buy L’Oreal Age Perfect Pro-Calcium Sheer tint moisturizer – $15.99
Buy Vaseline body lotion – $5.99
Buy Zantrex-3 – $4.99

Use $3/15 CVS skincare CRT, use $1 L’Oreal moisturizer manufacturer’s coupon, use $1.50 Vaseline lotion coupon. Spend $21.47, get $22.98.

Buy 2 Duracell battery packs – $5.99/each
Buy 4 Glade candle holders – 4/$10

Use $5/2 CVS Duracell battery tear pad, two .75/1 Duracell battery coupons, $1 Glade candle CRT, and 2 $1.50/2 Glade candles manufacturer’s coupons. Spend $11.48, get $5 ECB.

**I will complete 4 more transactions where I buy the batteries (you can only use the CVS tear pad coupon once per transaction). I will spend $29.64 in ECBs and earn $45. So I will make $15 in ECB stocking up on batteries.

**I will do the Duracell deal on my other card also, but I don’t have any more tear pad coupons (I traded for the 5 I did get), so I will just use manufacturer’s coupons. I will spend $54.64 and get $45 in ECB. So, it’s like getting 11 packages of batteries (I will have to get a small package as a filler to get over $60) for $9.64. I bought my Duracell coupons on eBay. I got 20 for $1.99 shipped.

**Another deal this week is the Gold Emblem (CVS brand) spices. They are BOGO free Sunday and Monday. Their spices include things such as chicken bouillon cubes, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, seasoning salt, parsley, and black pepper. I have used all of these and they work great. You get two spices for $.99 during the BOGO sale.

KROGER – See the scenario I posted last week to get 30 items for about $12. I will try to put together another one today.


There is a Super Coupon in today’s paper for 3 pop tarts for $3. You can combine this with the $1/2 Pop Tarts manufacturer’s coupon that was in last week’s paper and get 3 boxes of Pop Tarts for $2. I am going to try to come up with a scenario so that I can get over $50 and use a $10 off $50 and get the $10 Home for the Holidays catalina back.

I will be buying the Claritin – $18.99, the 3/$1 Scotch tape, and the Butterball chicken broth (.39/each). I will use a $5 RR, a $3 printable Claritin coupon.

I will spend $13.16 and get a $5 RR back.

Savings Saturday: Deals for the week of 11/16-11/22


ECB deals:
*Duracell batteries – spend $20, get $15 ECB
look for $5/2 CVS coupons on tear pads on Duracell displays (it has been reported that this coupon will only work once per card)
.75/1 coupon from 10/26 RP insert
$1/1 peelie coupons on some batteries
there should be coupons in Sunday’s inserts
*Spend $29.99 on Lumene products, get $10 ECB
*Buy 24.7 minerals makeup or 24.7 skincare, get $5 ECB
*Spend $10 on Milani makeup, get $5 ECB
*Spend $19.99 on Skin Effects, get $5 ECB
*Buy Vaseline body lotion – $5.99, get $2 ECB
$1/1 from 10/26 RP insert
*Buy any Pure Black Rice skin care, get $5 ECB
*Spend $15 on Vickery & Clarke product, get $5 ECB
*Buy L’Oreal Age Perfect Pro-Calcium sheer tint moisturizer – $15.99, get $15.99 ECB
$1 printable coupon here: http://www.lorealparisusa.com/_us/_en/default.aspx#page=top{main:page404diagnosticoverlay:_blanknav}
*Buy Clairol Natural Instincts or Loving Care hair color – $5.99, get $1 ECB
$2/1 from 11/2 P&G insert
*Buy Right Guard, Soft & Dri, or Dry Idea – $2.99, get $2 ECB
.50/1 from 10/5 SS insert
*Buy Miralax laxative (30 doses) – $19.99, get $3 ECB
$2/1 from 9/28 SS insert
*Buy Zantrex-3 – $4.99, get $4.99 ECB
$5/1 from 9/7 SS insert (this will only work if your stores start deaBoldls early or accept expired coupons)
*Buy Clear Care twin pack – $14.99, get $3 ECB
*Buy CVS pharmacy video camcorder (one time use) – $29.99, get $10 ECB
*Buy Kodak SD memory card (1 GB) – $9.99, get $2 ECB
*Spend $10 on Glade products, get $5 ECB
printable coupons on Glade.com
various coupons from recent inserts

BOGO deals:
*Ajax dish detergent
*Russell Stove chocolate
$2/1 from 5/4 RP insert
*Kleenex facial tissue
$1/3 from 11/2 inserts
.40/1 from recent insert
$1/1 from 11/2 SS insert
*Revlon lip or nail
$2/1 from 9/14 SS insert
$1/1 from 10/12 SS insert
*Maxwell House
*Nature Made vitamins
$1/1 from 9/28 and 11/2 SS inserts
*CVS pharmacy toothbrush
*Kodak Powerflash camera

Other deals:
*Fantastik, Scrubbing Bubbles, Pledge, Windex, Clorox wipes – 2/$5
printables at: http://www.scrubbingbubbles.com/
printables at: http://www.pledge.com/
printables at: http://www.windex.com/
*Spend $20 on Coke products, get $10 off Wall-E (get Wall-E for $9.99)

KROGER: The “mega sale” goes through Tuesday. Check out last week’s scenario thread for ideas.


RANDALLS: The “Home for the Holidays” promo goes through 11/30. Spend $20, get $5 off your next purchase. Spend $30 get $10 off your next purchase (these are based on totals BEFORE coupons!)

TARGET: I haven’t seen the ad for this week yet, but all of these deals are still working

StarKist tuna pouches – FREE
StarKist tuna pouches are $.99 on rollback! There were $1/1 coupons in the 10-12-08 RP insert. There are also $1/1 coupons from Vocal Point. So, if you have those coupons, you can get free tuna! The expiration dates on all of the ones I bought so far are 2011, so these would be great for 72 hour kits!

Prego – .80 or .84/jar
Prego is on sale for $1.67 through 11/28. There are $1/3 and .75/2 (it depends on your area) manufacturer’s coupons and $1/2 printable coupons on Target.com. If you have the .75/2 manufacturer’s coupon it ends up being .80/jar and if you have the $1/3 it will be .84/jar.

Glade holiday candles:Buy four Glade holiday candles in the following scents and get a $5 gift card: Apple Cinnamon, Gingerbread or Glistening Snow scents.

The participating items are priced at $2.50/each, and if you scan them, it will say “buy 4, get a $5 gift card” on the scanner. The deal is good through 12/15.The following items are reported to work for this deal:
4 oz jar candles ($2.50)
Scented oil candle holders ($2.50) – only available in apple cinnamon
Scented oil candle refills 3-pack ($2.50)
Plugins scented oil refill, with free warmer in pack ($2.50)
Wisp flameless candles ($9.49 reg, $5.99 week of 11/2)
InStyle magazine ($3.59-$3.99)

There are BOGO coupons on Glade.com and on Coupons.com (which you can access through the banner on the right). There were also several coupons in last Sunday’s paper for Glade items.

***You can only get the gift card once per transaction

Printable Target toy coupons here: http://sites.target.com/site/en/spot/page.jsp?title=toy_coupons_main


*Buy 2 300 ct light sets – 2/$15, get $5 RR
*Kellogg’s snacks – 2/$5, get $2 rr
*Buy 2, get $1; buy 3, get $2, buy 4 or more, get $3: Dove hair care – $3.99, Q-tips – $2.99, Caress/Lever/Dove – $5.99, Degree or Dove deodorant – $2.99, Ponds Cream, Ponds Towelettes, Vaseline Intensive Care, Suave Shampoo/conditioner/style products, Rave hair spray – 25% off
printable coupons here: http://content.dove.us/dimensions/welcome1.aspx?utm_source=welcome1&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=DDTRIGGER&source=welcome1&p=P95398939
printable coupons here: http://www.degreewomen.com/Women/Little-Black-Dress.aspx
various coupons from home mailers
*Just for Men Touch of Gray hair color – $7 get $7 RR
Try Me Free mail in rebate form here: http://www.touchofgray.com/images/tog-tryfree.pdf
$2 printable coupon here: http://www.justformenselect.com/
*No Lye Reaxer kit – $4.99, get $2 RR
*Oral B Vitality toothbrush – $19.99, get $5 RR
*Excedrin – 2/$12, get $3 RR
printable coupon here: http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=rjlmefr60912760&bt=wi&o=54125&c=EX&p=TjoBqapO
*Claritin – $18.99, get $5 RR
printable coupons at claritin.com
*LED light set – 2/$15, get $5 RR
*Lighted decorations – $19.99, get $5 RR
*Pepsi 12 packs – 3/$11, get $2 RR

Easysaver Rebate deals:
*Holiday M&Ms – 4/$10, get $5 rebate
*Assorted kitchen appliances (buffet burner, deep fyer, toaster oven, blender, coffeemaker, slow cooker, rice cooker, etc.) – $19.99, get $5 rebate
*Queen size air bed – $29.99, get $10 rebate
*Scotch tape 3 packs – 2/$4, get $2 rebate
*bioINFUSION hair care – 2/$20, get $10 rebate

BOGO deals:
*Finest Natural vitamins
*Walgreens Ultra Alkaline batteries
*Stove Top stuffing (with in ad coupon) – look for BOGO tear pads at grocery stores (which make it free!)
*Energy Saving CFL bulbs
*Clorox bleach
*Tissue paper
*Holiday gift bags
*Christmas essentials (tags, pens, stockings, etc.)
*children’s books or flash cards
*Disney bean bag plush

Other deals:
$4 off all $9.99 toys with in ad coupon
*Campbell’s soups – 5/$4 (with in ad coupon) – .30/3 insert coupon expires 11/23
*Scotch tape – 3/$1 (with in ad coupon)
*Curling ribbon – 3/$1 (with in ad coupon)
*Butter Ball chicken broth – .39 (with in ad coupon)