Coupons for Troops: Don’t throw out those expired coupons!

There were lots of great coupons that expired on June 30th, and if you’re like me, you didn’t get a chance to use some of them.  Don’t throw your expired coupons out!  Did you know that people in the military can use expired coupons? I have adopted a military base and that’s where I send my expired coupons!  If you’d like information on where I send my expired coupons, send me an e-mail.  Or, you can find out how to adopt your own military base here.

If you’d like to donate your expired coupons, here’s how it works:

1.  Sort your expired coupons by “food” and “non-food” (If it can be eaten by humans, it’s “food.”  Everything else is “non-food”  For example, vitamins, dog treats, and health and beauty items are “non food.”)

2.  Use ziploc bags or envelopes to contain the coupons in the different categories (DO NOT use rubber bands, paper clips, etc. as they tend to come apart during shipping)

3. Send them off! Military bases overseas are considered “US Territory” so it costs the same to ship them there as it would to ship them within the US.  If you have a lot of coupons, the cheapest shipping method to use is parcel post.  The fastest method is priority mail.  You will also need a customs form.  Be sure to check “gift” and record the value as $0.

A few other notes:

-There is no minimum donation size

-Please do not send coupons that are expired beyond 2 months!

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