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I work full time and have two kids who are involved with activities outside of school, so I am pretty much always on the go.  I’m always looking for ways to save money, and our grocery budget is definitely our biggest expense!  As I browse the grocery ads each week, it seems like there are always a few “hot” deals at each store, but I definitely don’t have time to visit four or five stores on the weekend when I do my shopping.  PriceMATCHERZ is a free website that helps you save time AND money on your groceries!  They highlight the top grocery deals for major stores in your area each week, so you don’t even have to spend time looking for the ad!  You just check out their list, make your list, and head to Walmart ready to price match!

This week I had about 40 minutes to make a quick grocery trip while my daughter was at swim practice.  I am not a huge Walmart fan, but they just opened a new Walmart Neighborhood Market nearby, and I have been wanting to check it out.  It took me less than five minutes to put together my list using the top deals on the PriceMATCHERZ site.

Here’s what I got by price matching:


  • Strawberries – $.99/lb – regularly $1.98/lb at Walmart


  • Peter Pan Peanut Butter (16.3 ounces) – $1.50/jar – regularly $2.48 at Walmart


  • Lean Cuisine Entrees (5.25-11.5 oz) – $1.88/each – regularly $2.88 each at Walmart
  • Kraft Singles (16 ct) – $2/each – regularly $2.99 each at Walmart


  • Red cherries – $1.98/lb – regularly $3.58/lb at Walmart
  • Green bell peppers – $.48 each – regularly $.58 each at Walmart


  • Lays potato chips (9.5-10 oz) – $2/bag – regularly $2.48 at Walmart

So, I spent $22.43 out of pocket on these items, but I saved $12.81, and I saved time because I didn’t have to visit multiple stores or look at all of the ads to figure out which deals were the best!  I was able to get all of my shopping done and get back to swim practice before it was over!  In my book, that’s PRICELESS!

Make sure you check out the PriceMATCHERZ tips before you head to the store, especially if you’re new to price matching at Walmart or if you haven’t done it in awhile (some policies have changed).

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