Pinecone Research is accepting new members!

I have blogged about Pinecone Research before.  It is one of my favorite survey companies.  You receive $3 compensation (through Paypal or via check) for every survey that you qualify for.  The payment comes quickly, too!  I have been with them for several years now and they’re a great site.  You can only get “in” with them during periods when they are actively recruiting new members and I received an e-mail from them letting me know that they’re looking for more people! 

If you aren’t a member of Pinecone Research yet, now is your chance!  If you’re looking for other great survey sites, be sure to check out Opinion Outpost and

**It’s not too late to take advantage of this special opportunity to refer households to apply for membership on the PineCone Research panel.**  If you have already assisted with this effort – thank you and please feel free to disregard this email. 
PineCone Research is growing and we invite you to help!   We are offering select members the opportunity to recommend membership to a friend or relative who is NOT a member of their household. 
Do you know of households that would like to join the PineCone Research Panel? If so, please FORWARD A COPY of this email to each household you would like to refer so that they may click on the registration link shown below.  That household should complete the registration form themselves and submit it. REMEMBER THAT ONLY ONE PERSON PER HOUSEHOLD MAY REGISTER. Multiple registrations of the same Household will void all registrations.
Here is the link to the registration:

As a member in good standing, you’ve already seen the benefits of being part of PineCone Research. So please, share the benefits of membership with a friend. Don’t forget, please don’t tell them about any of the products that you have seen in our questionnaires or tried in your home. Remember, it’s important that your PineCone Research survey and product testing experiences remain confidential.
If your referral has any questions, they can email us at or click on the attached links to learn more about PineCone Research.

While this is not a paid referral program, we genuinely appreciate your help in spreading the word that PINECONE IS GROWING!
Thank you,
Karen Scott
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