Disney Store: PJ pals for as low as $6.45!

The Disney Store has a HOT deal through this weekend!  They have several PJ pals and nightgowns priced at just $7.99.  Plus, you can get 15% off your total purchase price instantly and get 5% cash back!

Here are the nightgowns priced at $7.99: the links will take you straight to the items! 

Belle Nightgown

Cinderella Nightgown

Fairy Tale Magic Disney Princess Nightgown

Minnie Mouse Nightgown

Seashell Ariel Nightgown

Snow White Nightgown

Here are the PJ pals priced at $7.99:  the links will take you straight to the items! 

All Star Basketball Mickey Mouse PJ Pal

Cosmic Woody and Buzz Lightyear Toy Story PJ Pal

Handy Manny PJ Pal

Short Finn McMissile and Tow Mater Disney Cars 2 PJ Pal for Boys

Short Disney Cars PJ Pals for Boys

Short Lightning McQueen Disney Cars 2 PJ Pals for Boys

Beauty and the Beast Belle PJ Pal

The Little Mermaid Ariel PJ Pal

The Princess and the Frog Tiana PJ Pal

Princess Jasmine PJ Pal

Winnie the Pooh PJ Pal for Girls

You will get 15% deducted off your total purchase price when you enter the code EXPO2011 at check-out (this deducts $1.20 per pair).  You will also get 5% cash back when you shop through ShopAtHome.com here.  The cash back will be credited to your ShopAtHome.com account within 30 days.  You can also get FREE SHIPPING when you buy any Halloween item and enter the code TREAT at check-out.  I just got my son’s Halloween costume and PJs for both kids!

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