Crowdtap: Earn Amazon gift cards and try free products!

Have you checked out Crowdtap yet? Among other things, it’s a GREAT way to earn Amazon gift cards! If you’ve been reading my blog for long, then you know that I’m a complete Amazon addict and so I’m always looking for new ways to earn gift cards! You can also try out new products for FREE! Some of their recent products have come from Old Navy, Vermont Teddy Bear, and Playtex. Plus, you can sign up to host “House Parties.” You can also donate to charities, which makes it even better in my opinion. Some of the charities you can choose from include the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Autism Speaks, the American Red Cross, and the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty for Animals.

Here’s how this works:

1. Sign up for Crowdtap here

2. Once you complete your profile, you’ll be able to complete ‘Quick Hits’ which are basically polls to help you earn points. These are super quick and I have to admit, a bit addictive, too! The points help you to increase your status. As your status/level increases, so do your offers and opportunities. For example, yesterday I was given an opportunity to participate in an Old Navy Shorts party at my local store!

3. While some offers (such as completing Quick Hits or participating in discussions) only earn points, other offers will also earn “cash” which can be exchanged for Amazon gift cards! You earn “cash” by completing product reviews or participating in the house parties, and you can also earn $1 cash for every friend that you refer!

This is a fun and easy way to earn Amazon gift cards and save more money for your 100% cash Christmas!

Sign up here today and let me know what you think! I’m completely addicted to the “Quick Hits.”

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Open an ING Electric Orange account, get a $50 bonus!

If you missed out on the last ING bonus offer, here’s another one for you!  Right now, when you open an ING Electric Orange checking account, you can get a $50 bonus!

Here’s the breakdown on how you can take advantage of this offer:

1.  Click on “Apply Now” here to open your ING Electric Orange checking account. There is no minimum deposit amount!

2.  Make a minimum of three purchases using the check card they send you (these can be debit purchases or signature-based credit card purchases) or Person2Person payments (or any combination of the two) within 45 days of opening your account.

3.  Your $50 bonus will automatically be deposited into your account on day 50!

I have had ING accounts for almost 7 years now and I love them!  I opened an Electric Orange account a few years ago under a similar promotion.  I put my Christmas savings there and then I have money in an account and can use the debit card to buy Christmas presents which helps me stay within my budget!

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Viewpoints: Write 5 qualifying reviews, get a $5 Amazon gift card!

I’ve been loving all of these Viewpoints promotions for Amazon gift cards lately! Their latest is a “$5 for 5 promotion” You get a $5 gift card for writing five qualifying reviews. This will be a great way to add more money to your 100% Cash Christmas fund! In case you are wondering if this offer is “legit” I have participated in few Viewpoints promotions over the past few months and I have always earned my gift cards, so I will definitely be participating in this promotion!  For more ideas on how to earn Amazon gift cards, check out m post here on Six Ways to Find your Amazon Addiction!

Qualifying reviews must:

-be written between April 7th and April 18, 2011

-be at least 700 characters long (about 1 full paragraph). The character counter provided at the top right of the review form will show the count as you type your review.

-fall within qualifying categories: Home Appliances or Kitchen Appliances

-be about real products; inappropriate, copied or bogus content is ineligible for this promotion.

-not be combined with any other offer or affiliate program – If you are currently participating in an incented program with a partner (examples: Inbox Dollars, Send Earnings, Mypoints) you are ineligible for an Gift Card because you cannot receive double incentives for the same reviews. However, once you have fulfilled your incented program requirements, you are able to participate in this and future Viewpoints sponsored promotions. Full details for this promotion are here. agrees to validate all entries within 30 days of the promotion’s conclusion. Each review must be original content and uniquely created for and cannot be copied from any other online source. All Gift Card claim codes will be emailed out within 30 days after the program concludes.  Maximum payout is one $5 Gift Card claim code per participant during the promotion period.

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Use your Swagbucks to help Japan + newbies get 80 Swagbucks!

Are you “Swagging” yet?  If you are, please consider donating some of your Swagbucks to help Japan.  You can donate in increments of 5 Swagbucks and the Swagbucks will be converted to a cash donation.  The deadline for donations is Friday, 4/8 at 12 PDT.

If you’re not familiar with Swagbucks, you earn “Swagbucks” by searching online and your Swagbucks can then be redeemed for gift cards or other prizes and merchandise.  I typically redeem mine for Amazon gift cards.  I used them to pay for a number of Christmas gifts this year, but also used them to buy things our family needed like Pull Ups, batteries, a booster seat, razor cartridges, and books.

If you haven’t joined Swagbucks yet, now is a great time.  You’ll earn 80 Swagbucks when you sign up here and enter the code HelpJapan! Please Note: The code IS case sensitive!  You only have until Friday, April 8th at 11 am PDT to take advantage of this offer and earn the bonus bucks (you’ll earn 30 bucks still for signing up after this time).

*Do the Daily Poll every day and earn one buck (you can access this from the link on the left side of the main page)

*Visit Trusted Surveys every day – you’ll earn one buck just for visiting and you may earn even more for completing surveys!

*Check out the No Obligation Special Offers (NOSO) – you don’t have to complete any offers, but you will earn one buck just for scrolling through them!

*Watch Swag TV – you earn points just for watching funny videos!

*Play Games – Swagbucks just added a new games feature, which you’ll find on the tab on the left of your home page and you can win bucks by playing games now, too!

*Do a few searches every day until you win at least once. I search for things that I would normally be searching for online anyway and I have found that I can easily earn 10-30 Swagbucks each day by doing this. Your searches do need to be “natural” searches. If it does not seem like your searches are legitimate, they may freeze or even close your account.

*If you have a Facebook account, become a “fan” of Swagbucks on Facebook. Click here to do this. If you check out the wall, there are bonus codes posted from time to time that you can add to your account. (To add bonus codes, log into Swagbucks, and then click on the icon that says “You have X Swagbucks.” There will be a box that says this: Have a SwagCode? Just enter it here and receive your SwagBucks instantly! Enter your code and click GIMME!)

*Publish your Swagbucks winnings on Facebook – when you “win” a buck, you now have the option of posting your win on Facebook. It shows up on your profile and it’s another way to promote your Swagbucks account (and get more ‘friends’)

*Read the Swagbucks blog (you can access this here). Bonus codes are posted here, as well.

*Sign up for the Swagbucks newsletter. They send bonus codes embedded in the newsletter, so it’s an easy way to earn extra Swagbucks!

*Download the Swagbucks Toolbar onto your internet browser – Click on the “toolbars” option on the left hand side of the website after you log in and follow the instructions! (you will earn one buck each day just for using the toolbar)

*Post the Swidget on your blog or your Facebook page. You can download it here.

*Tell all your friends – When your friends sign up under you, you win when they win for the first 1000 Swagbucks (this does not include any Swagcodes that they enter)

I have found that I typically earn at least 30 Swagbucks per day just by doing the things listed above. That adds up to 900 Swagbucks in one month’s time (or 2 $5 Amazon gift cards!). I work full time and I only do searches from home (non working hours) and I’m able to do this, so it isn’t something that you have to spend a lot of time on, but you should easily be able to earn $120 in Amazon gift cards in a year’s time. If you’d rather have gift cards for somewhere else, that would give you enough to cash out for $100 in Target gift cards (these can only be used online) or for 8 $10 Starbucks gift cards. If your goal is to do a 100% Cash Christmas next year, this will help you!

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Pinecone Research is accepting new applicants!

Pinecone Research

If you’re looking for a GREAT survey company to make some extra money, Pinecone Research is it!

Have you ever taken one of those insanely long screener surveys with other survey companies only to be told at the end that “sorry, you don’t qualify for this survey.”  I have, and it’s incredibly frustrating!  With Pinecone Research, they send you brief (it takes 2-3 minutes to complete at most) “household surveys” and based on that, they determine what surveys you qualify for.  So, when you get an actual survey from them, you’re qualified!  I have also done product test studies for them.  Usually, they send you a product to try for a set amount of time and then you receive compensation at the end for completing a survey about the product.  Sometimes you have to return the product and sometimes you get to keep it.

Pinecone Research compensates you for your time by paying a flat $3 per survey (you do not receive compensation for the brief household surveys).  You can receive payment via Paypal (I usually receive mine within a day of completing a survey) or by check.

You can only sign on with Pinecone Research during open referral periods, so you want to jump on this opportunity. I have been with them for almost five years now and they are definitely my favorite survey company to work for!

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