Awesome Groupon deals: 4 movie tickets for $20 and $10 off a $20 purchase!

This week has been a great Groupon week! Earlier this week, I was able to get tickets to a local pumpkin patch for half price. You can take advantage of Groupon deals in other areas and today there are two HOT deals that you won’t want to miss!  Keep in mind that these are limited availability offers and both of them will likely sell out quickly!! – The Brooklyn, North Jersey, Long Island, and Queens markets all have offers for $10 off a $20 purchase.  This offer is valid through 12/23!  Remember with, you can send in manufacturer’s coupons and shipping is FREE!  So, if you send in coupons and use this coupon, you should be able to get great deals on household items such as toilet paper, paper towels, and laundry detergent!  There are also e-coupons that you can add for many items!  To take advantage of this offer, just visit Groupon and then click on “visit more cities” and choose Brooklyn, New Jersey, Long Island, and Queens.

Weekly CinemaWeekly Cinema offers subscriptions to discounted movie tickets, but with this offer, there is no subscription required.  You get 4 movie tickets for $20!  Tickets in my area are $7.50-$9.50 each, so this is a great deal.  There are several movies my kids want to see, so these will definitely come in handy!  Before you take advantage of this offer, visit and make sure that there is a theater in your area that offers online ticketing.  Then, visit Groupon and click on “Visit more cities” and choose Salt Lake City. 
Sorry – this one is sold out already!

What deals did you take advantage of?

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  1. Awesome deal on the movie tickets…hooray!!!